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Pam with Guitar

"The Good Humor Man" Song

- recalling the days of childhood and playing kickball in the summer!

Hi. My name's Pam Steinfeld, I'm an award-winning singer/songwriter in Massachusetts, and you're now visiting my website.   Welcome!  

My song, “The Good Humor Man" is a joyful, nostalgic, upbeat look back at the days when we used to play kickball and listen for the sound of the Good Humor Man’s ice cream truck. “The Good Humor Man" is the most downloaded song of mine. It's very popular with parents (and is apparently memorized by their kids!) A few reviews:

“There’s the unabashed joy on ‘The Good Humor Man,’ which takes the listener back to those carefree summer days of childhood with a heart-tugging poignancy:
Some kid would watch while the rest of us ran
Home to our moms for a couple of quarters
We gripped so tight they left marks on our hands.”
- Montgomery County Journal
“... The Good Humor Man is about a bunch of kids – some with sweaty faces – racing helter skelter, clutching coins and eagerly anticipating the ice cream truck on a hot day. There’s even a reference to ‘cute wooden spoons,’ which is sure to bring a smile and fond memories.”

Click here to listen to a soundbite from “The Good Humor Man”!

You can now order a personalized single of this song. You can make it a gift to someone you grew up with, make it a gift to yourself, or include it in a party "goody" bag. This song will really set you in the mood for summer fun. Or, as described below, there are other ways to get a copy of the song.

            1.         A Personalized Single of "The Good Humor Man"

- This is the custom-made CD of the song “The Good Humor Man"”. I can personalize it for you by dedicating it to a friend or loved one (or you!) by including your name and other important information (e.g., the street where you played kickball or your friend's favorite ice cream flavor) on the cover of the CD. Multiple copies of the CD can be ordered for gifts for others yearning "for the sweet simplicity" of youth. If you’d like, I can autograph the Good Humor Man CD Cover as well. I've included a couple of examples below - many, many other backgrounds and fonts can be chosen as appropriate for other occasions (e.g., weddings). The cost is $19.99 plus $1.00 shipping and handling per CD. (It can be sent FedEx if you’d like for an additional fee.) Just click on the Paypal logo below to order. Just before you pay, you should be prompted to include information for the cover - please include the details you wish, including the occasion and whether you would like the CD autographed. Please include your e-mail address so I can contact you with any questions.

The Good Humor Man

The Good Humor Man

            2.          A Copy of the Entire “Open Hands” CD

- This CD of mine includes the song “The Good Humor Man” as well as eleven other tunes. (Please see “Reviews” page.) The cost is $15 plus shipping. Just click on the Paypal logo below to order.

            3.        A copy of the song emailed to you.

- For $.75, you can get a copy of "The Good Humor Man" emailed to you directly from me. It will be in MP3 format, playable nearly everywhere. Click on the paypal icon below, make the payment, and I will email a copy of "The Good Humor Man," typically in 24 hours or less. You can make copies of "The Good Humor Man" for personal use, but please order additional copies for friends and family from me. Let me know if you'd like me to email a copy to someone else. Thanks alot.

P.S. If you'd like to learn more about my music, feel free to surf around this site; it contains my bio, CD reviews, sound clips of other songs, and info about radio play and upcoming shows.

A personalized "Good Humor Man" CD is is truly a unique, memorable gift for which instantly brings back the most fun and innocent times of our lives. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions:

Thanks for visiting (and feel free to bookmark this page or forward the link to fans of "The Good Humor Man" everywhere)!